About Us

Alpha Access is a manufacturing and distribution company that exists to meet Botswana and the region’s needs for medical products. The company is wholly owned by Botswana citizens and is a 100% subsidiary of SouthView (Pty) Ltd.

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Our Quality

We conduct rigorous tests on our condoms to ensure that they are safe for use. Our standard testing methods meet the SABS ISO4074:2002 requirements, hence producing a high end product.

With strict Quality Control Systems in place, a Quality Assurance Manager and a Quality Assurance Team, we conduct rigorous tests on our condoms to ensure that they are safe for use. Our standard testing methods meet the ISO 4074:2002 requirements.

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Our Products

Alpha Access produces, tests, seals and packages condoms for consumers according to their unique requirements, using the same industry approved technology that is used by the big manufacturers in the world. Our production capacity stands at 6 million condoms per month.

  • Male Condoms

    Male Condoms

    How do male condoms work?

    The condom fits over an erect penis and collects semen after a man ejaculates. This way, sperm never enters a vagina.

    The Good: Latex condoms will keep you protected against most STIs. They’re cheap, easy to buy , and small enough to carry around. They’re pretty easy to use, too, but don’t forget, the penis must be erect before you can put it on.

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  • Female Condoms

    Female Condoms

    What is the female condom?

    The female condom is a plastic/latex tube with a flexible ring at each end to help it stay in place in the vagina. It is coated inside and outside with a lubricant.

    How effective is the female condom?

    If always used correctly, 5 out of 100 women will get pregnant each year using female condoms. If female condoms are not always used correctly, 21 out of 100 women will get pregnant each year.

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  • Services


    Latex male condom testing and quality assurance

    • Electrical conductance test: This is a non-destructive test applied to all condoms. Each condom is tested to see if it blocks electricity. An intact condom should not allow electricity to pass through it.

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  • Dental Dam

    Dental Dam

    What is a dental dam?

    A dental dam, originally called an oral dam, is a six inch square piece of thin latex, (sometimes flavoured), that’s available at most pharmacy chains and medical supply stores or via the internet at condom stores. It was and still is, used by dentist all over the world during dental treatment.

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  • Latex Gloves

    Latex Gloves

    Latex gloves come in a wide range of choices, including latex exam gloves, disposable latex gloves, powdered and powder-free latex gloves, latex canner's gloves, latex flock-lined gloves, blue palm coated gloves, and more. Our lightly powdered latex gloves are made from the highest quality medical-grade latex and have a low protein content to minimize any latex hyper-sensitivity reactions. Theses industrial grade lightly powdered disposable latex gloves provide the highest degree of movement and flexibility. Ideal protection for industry, food processing and house hold chemicals. These gloves are a reversible style to fit either hand

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